Hi, I'm John Chebator. I've been dedicated to playing guitar since the age of 5, immersing myself in music education, teaching, and diverse performance experiences. From solo acoustic performances to collaborative efforts in bands, spanning acoustic and electric guitar, as well as involvement in musical theater, my musical journey has been rich and diverse. I am readily available for session work, solo gigs, and private lessons.

Past and Present Projects: 


3rd Left Band: Lead Guitar/Vocals (04/2005-11/2006) 
Loraxx Band: Lead Guitar/Vocals (11/2006-12/2007) 
Dirty Water Band: Lead Guitar/Vocals (10/2007-10/2008) 
Dirty Situation: Lead Guitar/Vocals (10/2006-2013) 
Groove Juice: Lead Guitar (2009-2011) 
Gene Foley Threesome: Guitar/Vocals (2010-2011) 
John Chebator Group: Guitar/Vocals (2011-Present) 
China Shop Bulls: Lead Guitar/Vocals (2010-2013) 
Boston Hayley John trio: Guitar/Vocals (2011-2012) 
Kylie Evans: Lead Guitar (2012) 
Krista Angelucci: Lead Guitar (2013) 
Ashley Jordan: Lead Guitar (2013-2015) 
Kristen Merlin: Lead Guitar (2014-2015) 
Jim Libby Band: Lead Guitar (2012-2018) 
Infractions Band: Lead Guitar (2017-2018) 
Brass Kicking Horns: Lead Guitar (2019) 
781 Band: Lead Guitar (2021-Present) 
Blame the Whiskey: Guitar (2022) 

Musical Pit Gigs: 

"Footloose" at Holbrook High School 
"First Date" at Priscilla Beach Theatre (Sept 2016) 
"All Shook Up" at Priscilla Beach Theatre (Sept 2017) 
"Little Shop of Horrors" at Priscilla Beach Theatre (Oct 2017) 
"9 to 5" at Plymouth High Schools (March 2019) 
"Grease" at Holbrook High School (April 2019) 
"Heathers" at Priscilla Beach Theatre (June 2019) 
"Carrie" at South Shore Theatre Works (August 2019) 
"Mamma Mia" at Carver High School (2020) 
"Marvelous Wonderettes" at Priscilla Beach Theatre (2021) 

For a comprehensive list of recordings and music videos I have been a part of, be sure to check out my discography.